AtmosphereDesign / Sokei Institute The Sokei Institute is the research and development division of Ishii Architect Office, an enterprise that strives to create structures that epitomize the form of a beautiful Japan.
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The Flow of Project Plan

“Atmosphere design” refers to the design of spatial ambience. By researching the requirements of our clients and regional characteristics, we create dream-inspiring main concepts. With these concepts, we propose facilities and products that satisfy a variety of functions, and then render them handsomely as designs. Designing space in which to spend time comfortably by using form and mechanism. . . This is the essence of atmosphere design.

After conducting surveys and researching the investment consequences of the merchantability and marketability of the facilities and products requested by our clients, we propose marketable products that offer maximum effects at modest cost. ・Project research and analysis
・Product concepts
We plan and present to clients as sketches visual renderings of the proposals for design of the mechanisms, forms and atmosphere that determine a product’s appeal. ・Total product concepts, local concept proposals and concept color, presentation of materials
・Interior design image proposals
・Budget estimates for FFE
We compile basic project design specifications for marketable facilities without losing sight of actual utility and operational issues. ・Furnishings, equipment, carpeting and other interior planning considerations
・Lighting design
・Equipment design
We create implementation design drawings for quotation comparison and bidding, and prepare furnishing and equipment specifications ・Interior detail drawings ・Furnishings and lighting detail drawings ・Carpet, fabric and other specifications
We verify quotations and negotiate the costs proposed by builders, interior decorators, vendors and manufacturers, and propose appropriate alternatives. ・Provision of support and oversight when hosting onsite briefing sessions
・Onsite quotation and appraisal assistance services
・VE adjustment and related corrections of drawings and specification documents
We verify with the client matters concerning final use and utility based on the design drawings to manage onsite construction and oversee product development. ・Verification of working drawings and production drawings
・Confirmation of the details of order documentation
・Overall adjustment and confirmation of FFE coordination
・Coordination with the construction, equipment and other industries
・Prototype, sample confirmation, plant inspection and other services
・Delivery inspection and final adjustment assistance services
We provide a wide range of services for handling the demands of clients after product delivery. ・Witnessing, at no cost, first-year inspections conducted within the warranty period (Accommodations and travel expenses are billed separately.)
・Our atmosphere design staff is always available to consult with clients regarding post-delivery claims, revisions and adjustments, and other issues