The earth is a beautiful, living organism.

It is a composite of harmonized parts of equally indispensable properties. Japan is one element of this organism. As both residents and individuals whose work is to build architectural structures on this planet, we must strive to create structures that are suitable to the environment. Fortunately, Japan has a unique style of living and an attractive culture all its own. We have learned from the wisdom of our ancestors -- people who lived their lives in harmony with nature -- and as we develop techniques suitable for the lifestyles of modern society, we at Sokei are obligated to leave to posterity the primordial landscapes of a beautiful Japan. Ishii Architect Office designs hotels, Onsen ryokan, restaurants and other public facilities all across Japan. Of these structures, Onsen ryokan is both distinctive as a lodging facility and representative of the very lifestyle of Japan. The hot springs that bubble up from the earth are a blessing of nature. We receive this blessing and return it with gratitude. In receiving the benefit of the hot springs’ warmth and potency, it is essential that hot spring facilities are provided with an environment in which one can sense the natural repose inherent in the hot spring. Through the building of lodgings, we attempt to capture the sense of beauty so prized by the Japanese sensibility.

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